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How to Become an IT Consultant for Fame and Profit

I seem to get more emails asking about how to become a self-employed consultant than I do about any other thing I actually blog about. I’ve not written that much recently so thought I would put up a quick post … Continue reading

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Business Intelligence Book Review (part 1)

For a bit of variety, I am going to start posting the occasional blog based on the most common questions I receive from readers.  This first blog in the (potential) series is in response to the repeated question I get … Continue reading

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Qlikview 2: Measuring Against KPIs

In Part 1 we setup some basic measurements in Qlikview to summarize the Incidents for the previous month. The method used to identify how many were opened or closed etc, was to use the Qlikview Scripting language in a rudimentary … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports: Mixed Page Orientation Formatting

I have starting splitting this blog out by subject.  As a result, this Crystal Reports related post is now here:

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How Intelligent is Your Business Intelligence?

For a change from me bleating on about ServiceNow reporting, I thought I’d write something a lot more generic. This is the number one recurring mistake I have seen consulting and pops its ugly head up time and again across … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports User Group Selections

The basis of this solution is to control which fields are grouped on within the report, this will in turn change the summary operations and change the entire context of the report. This is done using Crystal Reports built-in Parameters in a way often overlooked by developers. Continue reading

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3 Ways to Save Your Business From The Recession With Business Intelligence

Save your company from the recession with Business Intelligence. Continue reading

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