Hi, I am a consulting analyst specialising in data extraction and presentation.

I provide my expertise internationally across a multitude of business sectors and software.  I have worked alongside marketing departments to aid the sale of paint, to being part of a counter terrorism and serious crimes team.

However, the main body of my work tends to be around ITIL reporting, which is my specialist SPECIALIST subject, especially when combined with Power BI.

This blog is where I tend to dump all the random bits and pieces that I think maybe of value to others.

3 Responses to About

  1. Bradley Coyne says:

    Hi Jason.
    Thanks for the blog. Very useful indeed.

    Just to be clear, in this example, is it only for the previous month (ie. June 2012 actual mth: July) the chart can be used for or should could i potentially be able to acheive a historical overview of the cases throughout a 12 mth period (counting backwards of course) as en example?


    • jasondove says:

      Hi Bradley
      Measuring performance over multiple historic periods (such as monthly for a year) is a challenge in most reporting software because it causes conflicting group logic.
      The key problem is that each Incident can be opened in one month, resolved the next month and closed two months after that. So, three different dates in three different months. Which should the chart group on?
      The easiest method is to handle it within the SQL Script before even starting the report. But to resolve it in the Qlikview report itself, State Analysis really comes into its own with some clever manipulation.
      Time allowing, I will cover this in a future post.

  2. Steve Ligeza says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent writing. Far too much in the avenue of BI is marketing fluff, and your blog both humanizes it and clearly comes from practical experience.

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