How to Overcome the Top 5 Challenges for ServiceNow Reporting

The Stuff I Don’t Need to Tell You

I am pretty sure that if you’re reading this you already know why good reporting is crucial for successful ITIL and why control beyond the Report Module in ServiceNow is a necessity.

If not, look here.

And as if that isn’t grim enough, nearly two thirds of all Reporting/Business Intelligence projects fail or, at the least, don’t succeed fully.

Your Top 5 Enemies

I have worked on numerous Business Intelligence projects of all shapes and sizes and the same few issues arise across all types of reporting and all business sectors.

1.  Learning the Database

Which data lives in which tables and the different permutations on how they can all link together depending on the business need.

Figuring out all this from scratch is difficult. So difficult I wrote this post to try and help you out.

 2.  Organisational Thirst for Information

Businesses need information, and having to wait for a lengthy BI Project to complete can take months.  This can lead to end user attempts at report development in Excel and Access…which can be great, but often isn’t!

3.  Budget

A full BI Project is expensive and requires a range of skilled individuals to bring it to fruition before you even look at software licenses and hardware.

4.  Skills Shortages

Good BI people are constantly busy.

Finding the right person with the right software knowledge and business sector can be a huge challenge in its own right and ITIL is one of the more complex subjects to report on.

5.  Specialist Software

Reporting software can get very expensive, but even when it doesn’t, it can take a long time to buy through company purchasing procedures making the wait for information last even longer.

Help Me Help You

If you are worried about any or all of the above…you should be!   And these problems are generic, ITIL and ServiceNow come with their own challenges.

Let me help.

I know the data(1) having developed ServiceNow reports for a global market since 2010 (and ITIL reporting since 2004) and have a starter set of 20+ top quality reports that can be used almost instantly(2) for a low price(3) developed by myself(4) in Crystal Reports(5ish!).

Another example of the clear and concise ServiceNow reports available.

An example of the clear and concise ServiceNow reports available.

This pack contains a library of ODBC driven, clear and meaningful, ServiceNow reports which span Incident, Problem and Change management. Covering SLA/OLA/KPI measurement as well as volume and frequency for a holistic view of the service management slice of your ITIL implementation.

If required, these reports can be branded with your company colour(s) and logo at no extra charge.

An example of the clear and concise ServiceNow reports available.

Another example of the clear and concise ServiceNow reports available.

Included in the price is one day of offsite consultancy to aid any reconfiguration needed to match your company’s unique setup.

On-going Support

Crystal Reports is a common skillset, and with this starter pack as the foundation, most Crystal Reports developers should be able to pick it up and expand the suite.


At the least, simply use the SQL and table structures from Crystal Reports as a massive head start in both analysis and development in whatever reporting software you prefer.


Do both! Use the Crystal Reports to satisfy the need for data almost instantly while a more lengthy solution is developed.

I am available for future support, amendments or additional development in Crystal Reports, Qlikview, SSRS, BO/WebI and even Excel/Access (which are comfortably able of meeting BI requirements in the right hands).

I provide offsite support starting at half a day.


Another example of the clear and concise ServiceNow reports available.

Another example of the clear and concise ServiceNow reports available.

Annual Fees Can Kiss My SAAS

So, the actual cost: FREE with only one day of reasonably priced offsite consultancy!

This is a one off fee and support can be hired as and when you need it.  This may seem an odd approach, but I’ve chosen this route for three reasons:

1.  One day (eight hours) should be enough support to get you up and running with the reports.

2.  It makes it very easy to see what a great deal it is, as it would probably cost 2-5 days of consultancy per report.

3.  It is usually easier to get sign-off for a consultant than to purchase a product.

While I would like to sell as many of these packs as possible, I only have so much bandwidth for support and further development and want to ensure I provide a top class service.

To this end, only a limited number of these packs will be released at any one time.

Act Now!

If you want to discuss this offering in more depth, such as the specific reports that make up this library (or anything else around ServiceNow reporting for that matter!), please email me, I love this stuff and am happy to chat about it:

PS: Check out my various ServiceNow blog posts which will be of great help to any organisation looking at professional reporting.

PPS: Of course, I am also available for any bespoke reporting available in a wide variety of software (namely: Crystal Reports, Qlikview, SSRS, BO/WebI, even Excel/Access).

About jasondove

I am a data obsessed consultant who's as happy developing dashboards (Tableau & Power BI) as implementing enterprise wide BI solutions and am always on the lookout for freelance opportunities.
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