ServiceNow Reporting and Why Direct ODBC Reporting is the Only option

ServiceNow is sold with a built-in reporting solution which is supposed to meet all business needs for accurate ITIL reporting.

And for a built-in reporting solution, it is the more feature rich and better though out than any I have seen in similar products.  But at the time of writing, it has some serious problems.

I have recently concluded a yearlong consultancy with Centrica, who were one of the first major pioneers of the ServiceNow software, in the role of Technical Lead in the MI Reporting Team.  I am also providing ad hoc ServiceNow reporting solutions for a variety of companies worldwide

During this time several shortcomings became apparent:

1.  More complex reports cannot be created and ‘tables’ can only be linked on preset paths.

2.  Both rows and columns of data are often lost for no apparent reason.

3.  Tables can only be linked with INNER joins, again, limiting the scope and quality of the data returned and potentially producing erroneous results.

Point 1 is an annoyance that limits reporting options, points 2 and 3 can escape totally undetected unless a lot of work is done to validate the results.

In February 2011, ServiceNow(the company) released direct ODBC access to the underlying database.

This is the only way to accurately report on the ServiceNow software.

I am currently available for ad hoc consultancy work in England and across mainland Europe and of course, due to ServiceNow’s Cloud Architecture am able to provide consultancy worldwide.

I am more than happy to have an informal chat with anyone about the specific challenges faced by businesses who want accurate reporting they can rely on and what I may be able to do to help.

For more cool information about ServiceNow Reporting, please look here!

About jasondove

I am a data obsessed consultant who's as happy developing dashboards (Tableau & Power BI) as implementing enterprise wide BI solutions and am always on the lookout for freelance opportunities.
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